14 / 0511:30am MSK
Webinar 3: Dividends in the structure of the customs value — how to overcome negative practice and protect the company's rights
23 / 0411:30am MSK
Webinar 2: Customs disputes — court practice and the secret of success
09 / 0411:30am MSK
Webinar 1: Customs inspections 2024 — what do customs authorities inspect and how can businesses minimise risks?
26 / 0410:30am MSK
EPC contract price: pricing principles and payment procedure
18 / 042:30pm MSK
Life after the M&A boom: M&A market trends in Russia in 2023-2024
press releases
03 / 04 / 24
Denuo’s team leads Russia’s M&A for seventh consecutive year
For the seventh consecutive year, Denuo’s team has been recognised as the highest-ranked legal advisor in Russia for M&A deal count, according to league tables.
03 / 0410:30am MSK
Consequences of untrue representations and limitation of a seller’s liability in business sale transactions
legal updates
29 / 03 / 24
Direct ban imposed on setoff of obligations owed to creditors and company shareholders from “unfriendly” states
legal updates
28 / 03 / 24
State Duma adopts draft law on indexation of the thresholds for large and especially large damage for certain economic offences
legal updates
27 / 03 / 24
Anti-suit injunction: further practice development
The imposition of unilateral restrictive measures on citizens or companies of a country often not only brings their economic activities abroad to a standstill, but also impedes the effective protection of their rights.