legal updates
29 / 05 / 23
OFSI Publishes its General Licence – Prior Obligations
On 22 May 2023, the UK Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation issued a General Licence INT/2023/2954852 covering payments under prior obligations.
press releases
25 / 05 / 23
Denuo strengthens its Intellectual Property offering
Denuo announces the appointment of Vladislav Arkhipov as Intellectual Property counsel in St Petersburg.
legal updates
24 / 05 / 23
Presidential decree adopted in Russia on “mandatory replacement” of Eurobonds
On 22 May 2023, Decree No. 364 of the President of the Russian Federation “On Amendments to Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 5 July 2022 No. 430 ‘On the Repatriation by Residents Participating in Foreign Economic Activity of Foreign Currency and the Currency of the Russian Federation’.”
legal updates
24 / 05 / 23
Double taxation treaties with unfriendly jurisdictions (update)
The proposal made earlier by the Russian Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to suspend double taxation treaties with unfriendly countries has received its new impetus to the development.
press releases
23 / 05 / 23
Denuo announces winners of 2023 Pavel Bakoulev Scholarship Award
Denuo is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Pavel Bakoulev Scholarship Award. This annual scholarship is awarded by Denuo to law students of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia’s leading law school.
legal updates
12 / 05 / 23
Jurisdiction of Abu Dhabi Global Market expanded to Al Reem Island
On 24 April 2023, Abu Dhabi Global Market, an international financial centre as a free zone, was expanded significantly to include Al Reem island.
legal updates
10 / 05 / 23
European Union adopts new sanctions regime due to political situation in Moldova
On 28 April 2023, the European Union introduced a new sanctions regime against Moldova concerning, as the EU claims, “restrictive measures in view of actions destabilising the Republic of Moldova.”
legal updates
05 / 05 / 23
Amendments to the Law on Strategic Investments signed by the Russian President
Amendments to Law No 57-FZ have been adopted to clarify the consequences of the invalidity of transactions performed in breach of Law No 57-FZ and to extend the definition of “foreign investor” to Russian citizens with foreign residence permits.
legal updates
03 / 05 / 23
OFSI updates its Legal Services General Licence
On 29 April 2023, the UK Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation issued an updated Legal Services General Licence INT/2023/2954852.
legal updates
27 / 04 / 23
Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on temporary management of foreign assets
On 25 April 2023, the President of the Russian Federation signed Decree No 302 “On Temporary Management of Certain Property,” which introduces a mechanism for the temporary management of assets held by persons of unfriendly states in the event that restrictive measures are imposed against Russian persons abroad.