01 / 1110:30 msk
Pre-emptive right in business sale and purchase and establishment of JVs in Russia
legal updates
17 / 10 / 23
Introduction of export duties in relation to broad range of goods
Export duties put in place from 1 October 2023 in relation to broad range of goods: what should exporters bear in mind? Read further in our legal update.
legal updates
11 / 10 / 23
Amendments to the Federal Law “On non-profit organisations”: are there any challenges for software developers and open source?
At the end of summer 2023, amendments to Federal Law No. 7-FZ of 12 January 1996 “On Non-Profit Organisations” were introduced: the current version of art. 30.1 now prohibits not only civil and municipal servants, but also natural persons and legal entities from taking part in the activities of a foreign non-profit organisation that does not have divisions in Russia. To find out what has changed, how it relates to IP, what liability is stipulated, and what to expect, read our team’s latest legal update.
legal updates
10 / 10 / 23
Restrictions on importing iron and steel products into the EU, UK and Switzerland
On 30 September 2023, new restrictions on importing iron and steel products of Russian origin into the European Union and the United Kingdom entered into force. Read more in our legal update.
legal updates
09 / 10 / 23
Resolution No. 46-P of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation
On 3 October 2023, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation passed resolution No. 46-P regarding the constitutionality of article 131(1) of the Russian Civil Code and article 14(2)(5) of the Federal Law “On the Public Registration of Real Property” in connection with a complaint brought by Ms T. V. Solodovnikova. The importance of this judicial resolution is such that it is only the second time that the Russian Constitutional Court has decided to address the issues of private arbitration. Read further in our legal update.
press releases
06 / 10 / 23
Denuo named best law firm at 2023 Russia Private Equity Awards
Denuo has been named the Best Law Firm at the 2023 Russia Private Equity Awards ceremony that took place during the Russian Private Equity Congress.
press releases
21 / 09 / 23
Denuo launches offices in Georgia and Uzbekistan
Denuo, a full-service law firm founded in 2022 by the partners of DLA Piper’s CIS practice, opens new offices in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and Tbilisi, Georgia to service the local markets as part of a strategic regional expansion.
legal updates
18 / 09 / 23
New procedure for distributing profit (dividends) to “unfriendly” members (shareholders) of Russian companies
The Subcommission of the Government Commission for Control over Foreign Investment in the Russian Federation established that foreign “unfriendly” shareholders may be entitled to receive profits of Russian companies in circumvention of the special procedure and without the approval of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, subject to certain conditions. Read more in our legal update.
24 / 1010:30 msk
Participant’s withdrawal from a limited liability company: current court practice
legal updates
15 / 09 / 23
When is a company subject to the GDPR?
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU regulation on personal data protection. One should bear in mind, however, that the GDPR contains quite broad provisions on its extraterritorial applicability. In our legal update we look at common cases where the GDPR can apply to your business.