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Lease of commercial immovable property: analysis of key contract terms and negotiating positions of the parties

21 / 12 10:30 msk
We are pleased to invite you to a webinar to discuss the lease of commercial immovable property.

The webinar will review the key terms of commercial immovable property lease agreements (offices, warehouses, retail) that cause the most disputes and discussions in negotiations when negotiating a transaction. It will also focus on possible negotiating positions of the parties and compromise wordings.

Detailed programme is outlined below.


  • Options for contractual structures of commercial immovable property lease transactions

  • Key contract dates: access date, transfer date, lease commencement date/full rent payment commencement date

  • Condition of premises at handover and finishing works

  • Tenant’s right to extend and relinquish part of premises

  • Security for the tenant’s obligations

  • Rent payment holidays

  • Right to withdraw from agreements and fees for withdrawing from agreements

  • Other specific terms and features of commercial immovable property lease agreements

  • Q&A