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Arbitration of M&A disputes

27 / 06 3:30pm MSK
We are pleased to invite you to a joint conference organised by Denuo and the Russian Arbitration Centre.

Over two sessions the speakers will talk about innovations in structuring M&A transactions, discuss the prospects of M&A arbitration under Russian law, and reveal the specifics of such disputes.

After the discussion, all participants will be able to enjoy a cocktail and a magnificent view of the centre of St Petersburg.


The speakers include Irina Vasina (Magnit), Mikhail Galperin (InterRAO), Andrey Golovanev (Ozon), Olga Safronova (Sber), and our partners Leonid Kropotov and Andrey Panov.

The conference will be moderated by Mikhail Demin (VEB.RF) and Yulia Mullina (RAC).


Registration is compulsory and is available at the site.

You can participate in the webinar free of charge subject to confirmation of your registration. The webinar is not available to representatives of law firms, consultancy companies and private law practitioners.