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Participant’s withdrawal from a limited liability company: current court practice

24 / 10 10:30 msk
We are pleased to invite you to our webinar to discuss the most practically important court acts regarding a participant’s withdrawal from a limited liability company (“LLC”) over the past few years.

We will analyse, among others, the questions outlined below.


  • Is notarised spousal consent required for a participant to withdraw from an LLC?

  • What is the procedure for determining the actual value of the participation interest to be paid to the withdrawing participant?

  • Can the charter of an LLC stipulate that a participant’s withdrawal from the LLC requires the consent of other participants?

  • What are the ways of challenging a participant’s withdrawal from an LLC?

  • What should a participant do if the general director prevents the participant from withdrawing from the LLC?

  • Practical recommendations in relation to a participant’s withdrawal from an LLC.

  • Q&A


Evgeny Glukhov
Evgeny Glukhov Partner View profile
Arseny Tomilin
Arseny Tomilin Associate