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Participant’s withdrawal from a limited liability company: current court practice

24 / 10 10:30 msk
We are pleased to invite you to our webinar to discuss the most practically important court acts regarding a participant’s withdrawal from a limited liability company (“LLC”) over the past few years.

We will analyse, among others, the questions outlined below.

You can participate in the webinar free of charge subject to confirmation of your registration. The webinar is not available to representatives of law firms, consultancy companies and private law practitioners.

To register and receive a joining link, please send your details (including your name, position, company name and business email address) and the title of the event to An email will be sent to you as confirmation of your registration.

If you have not received a confirmation or have any questions, please contact us at


  • Is notarised spousal consent required for a participant to withdraw from an LLC?

  • What is the procedure for determining the actual value of the participation interest to be paid to the withdrawing participant?

  • Can the charter of an LLC stipulate that a participant’s withdrawal from the LLC requires the consent of other participants?

  • What are the ways of challenging a participant’s withdrawal from an LLC?

  • What should a participant do if the general director prevents the participant from withdrawing from the LLC?

  • Practical recommendations in relation to a participant’s withdrawal from an LLC.

  • Q&A


Evgeny Glukhov
Evgeny Glukhov Partner View profile
Arseny Tomilin
Arseny Tomilin Associate