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Enforcement of share purchase agreements

24 / 05 10:30am msk
The webinar will address the most relevant judicial acts, from a practical perspective, regarding the enforcement of contracts for the sale of shares in charter capitals of business entities over the past few years.


  • What should the buyer do if the seller evades the transfer of shares under a sale and purchase agreement after the parties have fulfilled the suspensive conditions?

  • Type of claim:

    • for the compulsory transfer of shares
    • for payment of the purchase price

  • Is the buyer entitled to demand a refund of the paid purchase price if the seller refuses to transfer the shares?

  • Is the seller entitled to demand the return of the transferred shares if the buyer refuses to pay the purchase price?

  • How long can a lawsuit take in relation to compelling the seller/buyer to fulfill their obligations under concluded agreements for the sale of shares?

  • Recommendations for sellers/buyers in relation to the fulfillment of their obligations under agreements for the sale of shares


Evgeny Glukhov
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Arseny Tomilin
Arseny Tomilin Associate